Alignment and flexibility are keys to success in the service industry and NAVS excels in these areas.


Our fleet account managers oversee each press vehicle throughout the duration of its loan life and fulfill billing, logistic and administrative functions related to the fleet.

Ignition occurs before the rubber meets the road: specialized NAVS staff works tirelessly to prime each model for a stellar performance during media test drives. Our NAVS platform provides clients 24-hour client access to detailed fleet management records and facilitates communication with account managers.




Fleet ManagEment

NAVS delivers class-leading fleet management services enhanced by utilizing our proven web-based vehicle tracking platform - NAVS.  Using this technology we can ensure uniform, consistent procedures at all offices for scheduling and vehicle preparation as well as delivery and tracking of press fleet vehicles.


Media and Marketing Events

From planning and execution through wrap-up and reconciliation we have managed some of the most complex, informative and entertaining media launches utilizing the most diverse and experienced team of event specialists in the industry. In the ultra-competitive business of getting your message across, NAVS has demonstrated its value time and time again by helping to create an event atmosphere where our PR clients can focus on their guests while we tackle the logistics.


Media Relations

NAVS has a wealth of experience with top-tier journalists across the country. We put our unmatched, uniform vehicle presentation and delivery skills into action with every press vehicle loan. Regional media outlets are tracked to find placements from various journalists within the geographic area. NAVS is also able to track the ROI for your loans.


Vehicle Logistics

Our extensive automotive logistical experience includes administering national press vehicle fleets. We manage the movement, delivery and pick up of press fleet vehicles through real-time tracking of the vehicles and their specifics with our comprehensive web-based NAVS platform. This system is able to gather and provide media content generated by fleet vehicle loans. We also offer 24-hour access to press vehicle data via web or mobile devices.